Role play

Set their wildest dreams free at Our Little World. A safe role play area with our four wonderful areas. They could be baking in Bella's Café, building at Charlie's Construction Site, shopping in Reynold's Savers or being a shining star on Lambies Theatre stage. All stocked full of variety of costumes and props. 

Rules of Play

All children must be accompanied by an responsible adult aged 18 and over. Who must remain present for the whole duration of the stay. 

Little Lambs WILL NOT be held responsible for their supervision. 

No children aged between 9 to 13 are to enter the softplay under any circumstances. Over 16s may supervise and assist in play areas. 

Shoe must be taken off and socks worn at all times.

All food and drink consumed must be from Little Lambs. No food or drink is allowed in the softplay area. This is to provide the best environment for those with allergies. If you find any food in the softplay please alert a member of staff, so the appropriate precaution can be taken. 

Please keep a safe environment by picking up dropped food. 

Fighting, bullying or aggressive behaviour WILL NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. 

Balls or equipment must not be thrown around. 

Children who are unwell or have been unwell must stay away for at least 48 hours.

Little Lambs has the right to refuse entry or ask you to leave is the rules of play are broken.

By entering Our Little World you agree to the Rules of Play.



Adults                                               FREE

Under 6 months                             FREE

6 -  18 months                                      £3

Over 18 months                                   £5.50

Childminders and Siblings                £4.50

Twins, buy 1 get 1 free 

Little Lambs Softplay

38 - 40 Chipstead Valley Road



07584 353 693

Opening Hours

Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri

9am - 5.00pm


9am - 3pm


9:30am - 2:30pm*


10:00am - 2pm*

*Closing times may vary at weekends due to private parties. Please check our Facebook for latest info. 

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